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  • How to play online games at University

    how to play games at university

    You'll want to read this if you're a gamer headed to student halls later this year.

    14 Jul 2020

  • How to fix a laptop that won't turn on

    lenovo yoga 530 review 6

    Six potential solutions for the most frustrating problem of all

    30 Jun 2020

  • How to take a screenshot in Windows 10

    how to take a screenshot windows 10

    Microsoft offers plenty of options for capturing your screen

    29 Jun 2020

  • How to fix Windows 10 blue screen crashes

    lifestyle 17

    If you encounter the blue screen of death, here's what to try

    25 Jun 2020

  • How to clean up Windows

    ms surface laptop 13 5 review14

    Five free ways to speed up your device

    22 Jun 2020

  • How to Overclock CPU

    how to oveclock cpu 1600

    Overclocking can improve your PC's performance, but there are some risks involved

    17 Jun 2020

  • How to make your PC quieter

    eclipse 1

    Noisy PC distracting you from work? Here are some things to try

    09 Jun 2020

  • How to use your smartphone as a webcam

    sony xperia 10 review 11

    If you need a temporary webcam for video calls, you can always use your smartphone

    08 Apr 2020

  • How to rotate Windows screen

    how to rotate screen 1600

    Your screen doesn't always have to be in the same orientation

    30 Mar 2020

  • How to use Skype

    skype logo

    One of the earliest internet calling services is still of huge value

    25 Mar 2020

  • How to group video chat on FaceTime

    iphone xs review 15

    Whether you want to video chat with 2 or 32 friends, it's possible with FaceTime's Group Call functionality

    19 Mar 2020

  • How to Speed Up Windows

    how to speed up windows

    The best ways to speed up a slow Windows PC

    19 Mar 2020

  • How to speed up your PC


    We show you how to make your PC run like new

    19 Mar 2020

  • How to clean a keyboard

    how to safely clean keyboard main

    Be careful to remove the dirt without damaging your device

    10 Mar 2020

  • How to speed up a Mac

    how to speed up a mac main

    Get your Mac back in shape with these 7 performance enhancing tips

    10 Mar 2020

  • How to clean & disinfect your phone

    how to clean your phone keyboard mouse

    How to properly remove grime and germs from your devices

    09 Mar 2020

  • How to control fan speed

    how to control fan speed main

    Here's how to silence noisy fans and use your PC in peace

    03 Mar 2020

  • How to connect your laptop to a monitor

    how to connect your laptop to a monitor

    Make yourself more productive by attaching an external screen to your laptop

    31 Jan 2020

  • How to Remove Login Password in Windows 10

    remove windows 10 login screen

    Passwords are great for security, but a pain for convenience - especially on computers you use only at home

    17 Jan 2020

  • How to Turn a Windows Laptop into a Wireless Hotspot

    how to turn a windows laptop into a wifi hotspot main

    Boost your connectivity by using the mobile hotspot feature in Windows 10

    09 Jan 2020

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