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If you are having problems with slow broadband, an older router could be the culprit. But beware - some ISPs, including Sky Broadband, don't allow you to use a third-party router. Our Helproom Editor explains how to deal with a problem with your Sky Broadband router. See all Wi-Fi and networking reviews.

QUESTION My Sky broadband connection can at times be rather slow, particularly when more than one person is using it. I think I may need to replace my eight-year-old router to speed up things. Is it true that I must buy a new router directly from Sky for it to be compatible with the company's broadband network? See also: Group test: what's the best wireless router?

HELPROOM ANSWER It's often the case that very old routers are not compatible with the latest high-speed broadband services. This means users with older equipment may be unable to take advantage of any speed upgrades that are automatically rolled out by ISPs.

Without knowing the specifics of your broadband package and the model of your router, it's not possible to determine whether this is what's happening. However, it would be worth contacting Sky with this information and asking for its advice.

In some cases the ISP will offer a router upgrade free or at reduced cost.

Although many ISPs allow the use of third-party routers and modems – often with the caveat that no technical support will be provided – Sky Broadband does not. It's sometimes possible to get around this restriction, but it's not recommended unless you know what you're doing and are prepared to deal with the consequences of violating Sky's terms and conditions.

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