Sharing digital files between family and friends is supposed to be simple, but somehow it always seems to end up being much more difficult that it should be. One solution is to use a network drive so that all the computers in your house can access all the music, video and other documents you might have without needing to switch rooms.

Instead of plugging a network disk into a computer you simply connect it to your router and it can show up on any PC you choose to give access to it. Some network disks are wireless too meaning you can put them anywhere at all. There are some factors you’ll need to consider before you choose between an Ethernet or wireless option. The size of your network and how many people you intend to share stuff with is one, and how reliable the wireless connection in your house is another.

Once you’ve hooked everything up and installed any software the network disk will show up just like a normal hard disk and you can start copying things to it. A NAS drive is also a great solution as a backup destination. You can setup all your computers to backup to one location no matter where they are in the house. It pays to have a backup of your backup too of course.

If you want to share documents or simply want to give every PC in your house easy access to the movies and music you own a network drive makes perfect sense. No more will you have to copy massive files between machines or have multiple versions of the same file. Just put all your stuff in one central location and no matter which computer you’re on you’ll have access to it.

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