One of the big competitors to iTunes’ dominance in the digital music market is Spotify, a free music jukebox service with a subscription option that allows you to listen to a huge catalogue of music on just about any device anywhere.

The main advantage of Spotify is that you don’t need to carry around hundreds of gigabytes of music with you at all times, all you need is an internet connection and your music is available. However, for those times you don’t have a connection to the net you can also download tracks to listen offline, the best of both words really.

The Spotify service is available free with advertising or if you pay a monthly subscription you can listen advert free and there are a host of other advantages and benefits too.

The Spotify application has some great features that make listening to and organising your favourite tracks really easy. The first and most obvious way to sort your favourite music from the millions of tracks Spotify gives you access to is to make a playlist. Click on File and select New Playlist… a new Playlist will appear in the sidebar, now all you have to do is drag your favourite tracks to the playlist and they’ll always be easy to find.

One of the major benefits of Spotify is that you can share your music with others totally legally and really easily, all they need is a Spotify account. To share a specific playlist right click on it and select Share - here you can post your music collection on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

If you don’t want to share with your social networks you can even just copy a link and email that to friends should you prefer. Spotify using friends can enhance to the playlists adding in tracks you might have forgotten about or not know too. 

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