With its own music-streaming service, Amazon Prime MusicAmazon is trying to carving a place for itself among big names such as Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music and so on. Here we reveal how to get started with and how to use Amazon Prime Music. You'll also like: Best Music services 2015 UK and How to use Apple Music for free

How to use Amazon Prime Music: What is Amazon Prime Music?

Amazon Prime Music is a music service offered by Amazon.

You can look up for songs, download or stream tracks and playlists.

Amazon also allows you to listen to the tracks from your CDs and store all your music libraries.

How to use Amazon Prime Music: How much does Amazon Prime Music cost?

Amazon Prime customers will be delighted to know that Amazon Prime Music will directly come to them for free.

Otherwise you will need to get your Prime membership to access Amazon Prime Music; the membership will cost you £79 a year.

You can sign up for a  30-day free trial of Amazon Prime Music here, or a free trial of the whole of Amazon Prime here.

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How to use Amazon Prime Music: How to get Amazon Prime Music

You can easily download the Amazon Prime Music app for your iOS or Android phone or tablet, or use the service online on your PC or Mac.

Amazon Prime Music's Download

How to use Amazon Prime Music: How does Amazon Prime Music work?

Once you have downloaded Amazon Prime Music, you will be brought to the Prime Music Page. It features four lists: Recommended, Playlists, New to Prime and Popular.

Amazon Prime Music's Prime Music page

Here you can find music and albums to stream or download.

You can look up for a track on the search tab that appears at the top of the page.

Otherwise you can let Amazon advise you. Depending on what you have previously purchased or streamed, Amazon will show you on the recommended list many songs that match that style or genre.

Alternatively, you can opt for the playlists section. Here songs are grouped according to the genre, artist and feeling they may inspire (apparently, if you drank too much last night you should listen to Red Hot‘s My Friends; that’s a panacea, according to Amazon).

To access the main menu, click or tap on the icon featuring three lines at the top of the page. The menu lists three sections: Prime Music, Your Library and Recent Activity.

Amazon Prime Music's Menu

At the top of the Your Library page you can choose between two options: Cloud Library and Offline Library. On the Cloud Library you will find all the tracks and albums that you stored in Amazon Music library and that are available online; the Offline Library will give you the music you downloaded when you were still online; listen to those tracks when you’re offline.

Amazon Prime Music's Cloud Library

And that’s not all. There are many more controls and options available. If you pick up a song and click on the dotted icon that appear on the right side of the name of the song, you’ll be able to play it, add to the Library, download it, add to playlist or access other tracks from the same artist.

Amazon Prime Music's options

How to use Amazon Prime Music: Why should I use Amazon Prime Music?

Well, Amazon Music Prime offers a pretty nice service.

Firstly, there are no ads. The music will keep playing until you’ll stop it. That’s quite a nice feature, especially if you are trying to work out a musical game at the party of your daughter!

Have you bought MP3s or CDs on Amazon? Those tracks will appear in your Amazon app and listen to them on your phone on your way back from work.

You can also import your music into your Amazon Music Library. Interestingly, other music libraries and subscriptions will be kept separated, meaning that your personal music won’t be absorbed by the service.

We really appreciate this feature. Amazon deserves a point for that and it’s something that makes it stand out from the crowd, given that Apple and Google won’t give you this feature.

On the other hand, your music collection will include about one million songs. Amazon gives you a quite restricted range of choice, especially compared to Apple Music and Google Play Music, with over 30 millions tracks.

However, Amazon aims to strengthen its Prime service and give you a platform where you can store all your music in the same place.

If you are looking for niche music, Amazon won’t probably please you. But if you’re a casual listener you will enjoy Amazon Prime Music and its nice features.