If you pay monthly for Deezer Premium+ or Deezer Elite, you can unsubscribe when you like. Here’s how to unsubscribe from Deezer. See also: Deezer vs Spotify vs YouTube Music Key comparison.

Not everything is free and if you have been paying to use Deezer Premium+ or Elite and your situation changes you can easily unsubscribe. Here’s our step by step guide to unsubscribing from Deezer. Check out some Spotify alternatives. Read: Best streaming music services 2015 UK.

How to unsubscribe from Deezer

Step One

Log into your Deezer account in a web browser. It is currently not possible to unsubscribe from Deezer from any of the mobile apps.

How to unsubscribe from Deezer

Step Two

Once logged in, click on the cog wheel next to your account name and choose the settings button at the top.

How to unsubscribe from Deezer settings

Step Three

At the top of the page click on my subscriptions

How to unsubscribe from Deezer my subscriptions

Step Four

You’ll find a section at the bottom which says ‘Do you want to cancel your subscription?’. Click the link in the sentence below and fill in the details and answer the questions. Your subscription and payments will then be cancelled.

How to unsubscribe from Deezer cancel

Note: You must unsubscribe at least 48 hours before your next payment to avoid that being taken.

After unsubscribing, you’ll still have a Deezer account on a free basis and you’ll still have your saved albums and playlists. You can re-subscribe any time you like.

How to unsubscribe from Deezer via Facebook, iTunes, EE and T-Mobile

If you signed up to Deezer with a Facebook account you’ll need a Deezer password to unsubscribe. If you did it via iTunes you’ll need to go to ‘manage subscriptions’ in the App Store or iTunes itself to unsubscribe from Deezer.

If your Deezer account is attached to your mobile service provider such as EE or T-Mobile, you’ll need to to go the EE Mobile Portal or T-Mobile Portal to unsubscribe.