How to transfer music from laptop to tablet

A reader wrote in to PC Advisor wanting to transfer music from a laptop to a tablet using Cloud Player, but didn't know how to do so. Here's how we fixed his problem.

Q "Could someone please clue me up in simple words how to copy music to the Cloud from my Vista laptop and then access it from my Android tablet. I already have the Amazon Cloud Player wherein lie my recent downloads."

Amazon provides instructions on how to do this at Put simply, you need to open up your favourite browser on your Vista laptop and go to the Amazon Cloud Player page at Next, click on the ‘Import your music’ button in the top-left corner and follow the onscreen instructions. Also see: How to transfer music from iTunes to Android

If your music is stored in iTunes or Windows Media Player’s libraries, the importer can automatically find your music and import it. If your music is stored in other folders, then you have the option to locate them manually.

You can import up to 250 songs for free, but if you have more than this you’ll need to pay £21.99 per year to upgrade to Cloud Player Premium and store up to 250,000 songs. Now either click ‘Import all’ or ‘Import selected’ to copy your music to the Cloud service.

On your Android tablet, go to the Play store and install the Amazon MP3 app. Run the app and click the button marked ‘Cloud’ and then ‘Get Started’. This will prompt you to sign in to your Amazon account, from where you will be able to access your music stored on Amazon Cloud Play. Also see: How to rip a DVD to computer