The only annoying thing about the otherwise brilliant iPod is that you can't transfer your songs back from your device to your Mac easily.


This is especially annoying if your Mac has stopped working and your sole chance of keeping your music collection relies on finding a way to transfer your music files from your iPod back to a Mac.


Luckily there is a relatively easy way of changing the settings on your iPod to access to your preciously hidden MP3s. Here's how you going about doing it.


Step one:


Go to Application and select Utilities and then open the program 'Terminal'.



Step two:


Once terminal is open type the following 'defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES' - what this does is forces your Mac to show all files, even the ones that have been hidden on your iPod. To revert these changes swap the 'YES' to a 'NO' - 'defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO' in the terminal application.



Step three:


You now have to reset your Finder in order for the new settings to take hold.




Step four:


Locate your iPod and open the iPod_Control folder then the Music folder. You can then paste all of your music to wherever you like on your Mac.

Tip: Open all the folders in a drop down style, and copy the MP3s themselves rather than the folders, because once you restore the hidden folder settings your music will be hidden again.




Step five:


Right now your file folders and filenames will look something like F00/TWVP.mp3 and not make a lot of sense. Fear not though, as once you import them into iTunes the files' inbuilt ID3 tags will be read by iTunes and all your music will be displayed nice and neatly with track and artist information once again.