Most PC users have some, if not all, of their music collection stored in digital format on their computer. However, with multiple machines in one home becoming the norm, you my think you'll need to copy all of your MP3s to each PC to ensure you can enjoy them no matter where in your home you are, which is time consuming to say the least.

However, Apple introduced a feature to its iTunes software in 2009 that allows multiple PCs in the same house to share music, apps and videos. The feature is available in version 9 and above, so if you haven't got the latest edition of iTunes, head to Apple's website and update your software.

Step one
Open iTunes, by selecting the program from the start menu. Then select Preferences from the Edit menu, located at the top of the window.

Step two
Tick the box next to Share my library on local network and then select whether you want to share the entire library or selected playlist. If you plan on only sharing selected items, you must then select them from the list presented.

Step three
You can even opt to password protect the sharing function. Click OK. You'll be reminded that sharing music is for personal Use only. Click OK and your library can now be see and listened to by other PCs on your network. It's worth noting that for other PCs to see your library, your computer must be on and iTunes must be open.

Step four
When other PCs in your home open iTunes they'll see a Shared option on the left-hand side of the window and the library will be displayed below. To change the nam of the library hats displayed, select Preferences from the Edit menu and then click on the General Tab. Here change the library name.

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