Most smartphones come with a selection of ringtones these days, but there's nothing like putting your own stamp on a handset by using one of your own MP3's as a ringtone. Perhaps you want to hear your favourite song on a regular basis or you simply want to distinguish between different callers without having to look at the screen to see who's trying to get in touch. Using MP3s as ringtones will let you do this, and it only takes a few simple steps to turn them into ringtones.

Many Android handsets will let you do this from the smartphone itself, which in our case was a Samsung Galaxy S. However, if this doesn't work on your handset (and I know from past experience its not an option for HTC Wildfire woners), you can simply connect the phone to your PC and drag and drop files to a notifications folder

Step one
Press the Applications icon at the bottom of the home screen and from the list of tools, select Music Player.

Step two
From the music player, select the track you want, either by scrolling through the list, or using the Playlists, Albums or Artists function to narrow down your search. Once you've located the track, start select it to start playback.


Step three
While the track is playing, press the Menu button and from the options displayed select Set as.

Step four
You'll now be given the option to set the MP3 as either a voice call, video call or an alarm tone. Select whichever option you want and then a notification will pop-up alerting you to the fact the MP3 has been added to your ringtone list.

Step five
You also have the option of assigning the ringtone to a particular contact. To do this select Caller ringtone from the list presented when the Set As option is chosen.

Step six
You'll be presented with your contact list. Select the appropriate contact and then press Save on the contact edit screen that appears. Contact saved will appear.

Step seven
On the Home Screen press the Menu button and select Settings from the options available. Then chose Sound and Display and open either Voice Call or Video Call ringtone. You're MP3 will be in the list and will be selected as the default ringtone.

Step eight
However, if this doesn't work on your Android handset or you want to set the MP3 as a notification for an SMS, MMS or email alert, you'll need to connect the phone to your PC using the USB cable. When it identified by the PC, select Open device and view files from the AutoPlay menu.

Step nine
Open the Phone memory (and not the MicroSD card if your phone uses one) then in the Media folder open the folder called Audio. In here, there should be a folder called Notifications. If this does not exist, you'll need to create one yourself. Now drag and drop the MP3 you want to use as a notification from your PC to this folder.

Step ten
When the file has been copied across, close the Windows and disconnect your handset from the PC. Open the Messaging (or email) application and then use the menu key and select Settings from the options displayed. Now under Notification settings, select ringtone and scroll through the list, selecting the track you just added.