You can use your computer to do just about anything these days and to a very professional level too. One industry that’s been transformed by computers is music - the internet and PCs have made it easier than ever to make, market and sell your material.

Now, without the need to go through a record label it’s possible to sell directly and keep control of your artistic integrity. Making your music available to the largest possible audience isn’t always easy, though. Having a website and trying to generate word of mouth buzz is a great way for many bands to get noticed, but to make your music available to a wide fan base you need to be able to sell it on market leading music sites.

The one platform with the largest number of users buying music these days is iTunes and you’d be forgiven for thinking this route was only open to large recording companies. However, even relatively small outfits can have their content listed on iTunes. In the first instance the easiest method is to produce a podcast that can be uploaded and distributed through iTunes relatively simply. The downside here is that it’s more difficult to charge for materials here for a number of reasons.

If you are serious about selling your music on iTunes you can do it through the standard storefront with iTunes Connect. Simply go to the iTunes Connect site and sign up for an account. You’ll need to have at least twenty albums and a variety of registrations for your music, but these are all simple to obtain if you know what you’re doing. With a little effort you could be distributing your music on one of the worlds largest music sales sites.

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