Of particular interest to Google Home Mini owners, but possible with any Google Home speakers, is news that Google Home can now be paired with ordinary Bluetooth speakers. This makes it possible to use your existing tech to upgrade the sound quality.

Though you will still need to talk to the Google Assistant on your Google Home device to control playback, that audio can now be streamed through alternative speakers when set as the default playback device. You can also add those speakers to a homegroup for multi-room audio, albeit one at a time.

In order to be compatible your Bluetooth speakers must have Bluetooth 2.1 or higher. Make sure they’re in pairing mode, then follow the steps below.

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Connect Bluetooth speakers to Google Home

  • Open the Google Home app
  • Select your Google Home device from the main screen
  • Tap the Settings cog to access device settings
  • Scroll down to Paired Bluetooth Devices
  • Tap Enable Pairing mode
  • Select the speaker you want to connect
  • On the previous screen you can also select ‘Default music speaker’ if required

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