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  • How to add surround sound to PC


    Surround sound makes your content sound that much better.

    03 May 2019

  • How to rip a CD to MP3


    Moving your songs from a CD to MP3 is much easier than you think.

    01 May 2019

  • How to Download Music from YouTube

    how to download youtube music mp3

    YouTube's great for watching the latest music, but what about just listening to it?

    26 Apr 2019

  • How to use AirPods with Android

    apple airpods review02

    Despite Apple's frosty relationship with other manufacturers, you can use AirPods with Android devices - here's how

    05 Feb 2019

  • How to connect Bluetooth headphones to PC

    connect blueooth headphones to pc

    Quickly get your wireless headphones paired with Windows 10

    31 Jan 2019

  • How to rip CDs to FLAC

    how to rip cds to flac main

    We explain step by step how to copy CDs to your PC without losing audio quality

    11 Jan 2019

  • Live: Xiaomi UK Launch Live Stream

    xiaomi uk launch 1600

    Xiaomi enters the UK market today - click here to watch the live stream

    08 Nov 2018

  • How to Record Phone Calls

    Mobile lifestyle 102

    Learn how to make a permanent recording of your telephone calls via landline or mobile

    29 Oct 2018

  • How to identify a song

    how to identify a song main

    Find out the artist and name of any song, using Siri and Google Assistant

    30 Jul 2018

  • How to edit audio files for free

    how to edit audio files free

    Record and edit sound files in Windows, macOS and Linux with Audacity

    25 Jun 2018

  • How to fix no sound over HDMI

    how to fix no sound over hdmi

    Here's what to do if you can't get any sound from your speakers using an HDMI cable

    22 Jun 2018

  • How to rewatch WWDC 2018 Event stream

    wwdc 2018 live

    Apple's WWDC 2018 will see a host of new products, and you can follow the action live

    04 Jun 2018

  • How to set up Windows Sonic for Headphones

    ms surface por 2017 review37

    Quickly upgrade your PC's audio by using this feature in Windows 10

    23 May 2018

  • How to fix no sound in Windows 10

    dell chromebook 13 review19

    Sound problems in Windows 10 are a fairly standard occurrence and we have you covered.

    02 May 2018

  • How to Make Free Phone Calls on Google Home

    make free calls google home

    Google Home and Google Home Mini now allow you to make free phone calls in the UK

    08 Mar 2018

  • How to set up surround sound speakers to TV

    set up surround sound speakers

    Get that cinema experience at home with surround sound

    08 Dec 2017

  • How to make a playlist on YouTube

    best christmas playlist

    Enjoy a non-stop playlist of all your favourite songs on YouTube this Christmas

    28 Nov 2017

  • How to watch Apple Music Festival online

    screen shot 2016 09 16 at 12 16 48

    Apple Music Festival canned for 2017

    08 Sep 2017

  • How to convert WMA to MP3

    Gadgets2 800

    Here's how to convert pesky WMA music to the much more compatible MP3 format

    08 Aug 2017

  • How to use normal headphones with iPhone 7 | How to charge iPhone 7 & play music

    apple airpods

    Apple has moved to digital audio and removed the headphone jack in its new iPhone. So how do you use old headphones with iPhone 7?

    09 Sep 2016

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