What to do if Photoshop doesn't open or work in OS X Mavericks.

Apple’s new Mac operating system OS X 10.9 Mavericks installs like a dream and looks pretty much like Mountain Lion or Lion. It even opens up old files left open when you started the OS X update process. It’s smooth and efficient, but…

When you try to open Adobe Creative Suite 5 programs after installing OS X Mavericks you hit a problem – they won’t launch.

Click the icons in your Dock and nothing. Not even a little bounce.

In an official statement Adobe has said that: “Adobe and Apple have worked closely together to test Adobe Creative Cloud applications and Adobe Creative Suite 6 applications for reliability, performance and user experience when installed on Intel-based systems running Mac OS X Mavericks. (v10.9).

“All Adobe CC and CS6 products are compatible, but a few products require updates to the latest builds to work properly. Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS4 and CS3 were also tested with Mac OS X Mavericks and there are currently no major issues known.”

Well, that’s not what a lot of Mavericks early adopters have found.

Here’s how to get Adobe CS5 Photoshop and InDesign to open in OS X Mavericks.

What you need to do is update the CS5 runtime java.

Luckily this is quite simple.

Go to Apple’s Java for OS X 2013-005 page and download the latest version, which also “improves security, reliability, and compatibility by updating Java SE 6 to 1.6.0_65”.

Apple Java update fix for Mavericks

Once the 77.7MB file has downloaded just install the update and your Adobe programs will start working again.

Mavericks and Adobe Photoshop work together as if nothing had happened.