Macbook FaceTime webcam

If you've got a MacBook then you might want to make use of its built-in camera. Here's how to use a MacBook's FaceTime webcam.

Whether you own a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro, there is a built-in webcam which Apple calls a FaceTime camera. It can be used for a number of different things straight out-of-the-box such as video calling, taking self-portraits (aka 'selfies') or making your own videos.

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MacBook FaceTime webcam: Mac apps

There are a number of applications pre-installed on the MacBook in OS X which use the internal camera. Photobooth is a fun application for taking self-portrait snaps with a range of different effects to choose from. The other main one is FaceTime, this can be used to video call Mac, iPhone and iPad users. You should also check out iMovie.

MacBook Photobooth webcam

MacBook FaceTime webcam: Third party apps

Alternatively you might want to download software to use with the webcam. There are countless available out there, many of which are available for free.

The main one you'll probably want to download is Skype. This does the same job as FaceTime and can be used to video call users no matter what they have Skype installed on. Other apps which will use the MacBook's webcam include Final Cut Pro and EvoCam.

Macbook Skype webcam

MacBook FaceTime webcam: Web

In certain cases, you don't even need to download some software to use the webcam. A prime example is YouTube which can use the FaceTime camera to record videos to be uploaded to the website.

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