Apple says more than 100 million of its iOS devices are now running iOS 6 – the latest version of its mobile operating system. One of the new features is integration with Facebook, so it’s easy to post updates, photos and videos from your iPhone.

Another benefit, or at least some people see it this way, is that you can sync your Facebook contacts with your iPhone or iPad.

Facebook stores plenty of contact information, which could be useful to have on your iPhone, such as email addresses, phone numbers and home addresses.

How to link Facebook and iPhone contacts in iOS 6

In iOS 6, linking your Facebook account couldn’t be simpler. Tap on the Settings app, scroll down to Facebook, tap it, install it if you haven’t already done so, then enter your username and password.

Finally, tap Sign In and your Facebook contacts will be added to your iDevice. Calendar information will also be added.

Note that there’s a Settings button just above where you put in your username and password. This is where you can enable or disable alerts for chats and messages. For other notifications, you’ll need to use the settings within the Facebook app itself.

How to link Facebook and iPhone contacts in iOS 5

If you haven’t upgraded to iOS 6, it’s still fairly easy to sync your Facebook contacts with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (everything in this article applies to all three devices running iOS 5 or iOS 6).

Facebook contacts sync iphone 5

While Facebook isn’t integrated into iOS 5, you can download a free app called Sync.ME for Facebook from the App Store. This lets you import all contact information from Facebook including birthday, status, addresses and more.

How to remove Facebook contacts from your iPhone or iPad

The trouble is, some people don’t keep their Facebook profile up to date, and may have changed their phone number since entering it on Facebook. Also, it can be annoying to have your iOS device’s Mail app default to a friend’s email address rather than the one they use most often, such as Gmail or Yahoo.

Fortunately, as long as you haven’t tapped the update button manually, it’s easy to remove all Facebook contact information from your iPhone and iPad.

When you signed into Facebook in your device’s Settings menu (under iOS 6), contact information wasn’t actually written into your iPhone’s Contacts app. It merely subscribed you to the list of contact information from Facebook which was visible within the Contacts app and other apps (such as Mail) on your device.

To turn off Facebook contacts, simply go back to the Settings app, scroll down to Facebook, tap it, then look for a section heading: Allow These Apps To Use Your Account. You will see Contacts in this list; all you need to do is slide the switch to Off.

Disable Facebook contacts iPhone

It may take a little while for the Facebook contact information to be removed from your iPhone or iPad, but everything should be back to the way it was before, with a de-cluttered phone book.

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