Adding your Gmail account to an iPhone 5 is easy. Here we explain what you need to do.

We’re using an iPhone 5 running iOS 7 here, but the same principles apply to an iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5C and iPhone 5S running iOS 6 or 7. You can also use the same steps to add a Gmail account to an iPad.

1. Tap on the Settings app and scroll down until you see Mail, Contacts, Calendars and tap on it.

Put Gmail on iPhone 5 - Step 1

2. Tap Add Account and you’ll see a list of common email providers. Tap on Google.

Put Gmail on iPhone 5 - Step 2

3. Now enter the name you want email recipients to see, along with your Gmail email address and password. Type Gmail for the description, or another name that identifies this from any other Gmail account. Tap Next at the top.

Put Gmail on iPhone 5 - Step 3

4. Now you have the option to sync Gmail contacts, calendars and notes as well as email. These will be accessible via the respective Apple apps on your iPhone, not Mail.

Put Gmail on iPhone 5 - Step 4

5. Tap Save and the details will be checked. If they’re correct, the account will be added to your list of accounts. Bear in mind that there are extra settings below the list of accounts which apply to all email accounts on your iPhone. One of the most important – if you have several email accounts – is Default account. This defines which account is used to send emails when you create a new message in Mail or any other app which can send email.

Put Gmail on iPhone 5 - Step 5

6. Now, you can launch the Mail app and your new Gmail inbox will be there. If you want to check another folder, such as your Sent items, you need to tap the account in the Accounts section below.

Put Gmail on iPhone 5 - Step 6

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