iOS 7 isn’t just a different look for Apple’s mobile operating system: the way you accomplish tasks has changed in places, too. Here we explain how to delete songs on your iPhone, and get rid of iCloud songs that aren’t actually stored on your phone.

First of all, it’s necessary to point out that while we didn’t find any music we couldn’t delete from our test iPhone running iOS 7.0.4, some people have found certain music that they simply can’t remove directly on their iPhone. This could be down to iTunes Match or music purchased from iCloud, but we can’t replicate this problem.

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Regardless of whether we had purchased music on the iPhone itself or synched it from iTunes (both purchased from iTunes and ripped from CDs), we could delete any song we liked.

All you have to do is to find the song in your library and swipe left to reveal the red Delete button. Tap the button and the song is gone.

Delete songs from iPhone iOS 7

If you restore your iPhone from a backup, or sync with iTunes you may find the song(s) reappear on your iPhone. The way to overcome this is to make a backup after deleting the songs from your phone, or to manually untick the albums or individual songs which are synched through iTunes.

If you manage your music manually in iTunes, you shouldn’t have this problem.

Don’t show iCloud music in your library

One of the changes in the Music app in iOS 7 is that music you’ve purchased in iTunes is displayed in your library, even if the music isn’t actually present on your device. Apple calls this iTunes in the Cloud.

To stop these songs cluttering up your library, head to Settings, then scroll down to Music. Now scroll down to Show All Music and slide it to the off position. Now, only the music that’s physically in your iPhone’s memory will be shown.

iTunes in the Cloud Show All Music