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  • How to use PS4 and Xbox One controllers on Mac

    xbox controller review 03

    Game in style on your Mac using your DualShock 4 or Xbox One controller

    27 Apr 2020

  • How to screen record on Mac

    macbook pro 201700

    If you want to record your Mac display, we've got you covered

    22 Apr 2020

  • How to show hidden files on Mac

    lifestyle macbook side 15

    Need to access a hidden file or folder on your Mac? We've got you covered.

    21 Apr 2020

  • How to connect an iPad or iPhone to a TV

    21 5in imac with iphone 18

    Whether you want to mirror your display or watch a YouTube video or two, here's how

    20 Apr 2020

  • How to extend MacBook battery life

    how to extend macbook battery life main

    Work for longer between charges by using these tips for your MacBook battery

    08 Apr 2020

  • How to use an iPad as a second screen on a Mac

    how to use ipad as second screen mac

    macOS Catalina introduced a way to wirelessly use your iPad as a second display for your Mac

    06 Apr 2020

  • How to use WhatsApp on iPad

    image 21

    There might not be an official WhatsApp for iPad app, but there is a way to get WhatsApp on your tablet

    03 Apr 2020

  • How to use Apple Pay on iPhone and Apple Watch

    Apple Pay

    If you're an iOS user, Apple Pay makes paying for things much easier

    02 Apr 2020

  • How to get Disney Plus on Apple TV

    apple tv 2015 review 70

    Access thousands of Disney movies and TV shows via your Apple TV

    24 Mar 2020

  • How to take a screenshot on a Mac

    how to take a screenshot on a mac main

    macOS has built-in tools to capture what's on your screen. Here's how to use them

    24 Mar 2020

  • Can Macs get viruses?

    do macs get viruses 2020

    Macs are not immune to malware

    23 Mar 2020

  • How to use an iPhone as a Wi-Fi hotspot

    iphone wi fi hotspot

    Share your iPhone's internet connection to help other devices get online

    20 Mar 2020

  • How to group video chat on FaceTime

    iphone xs review 15

    Whether you want to video chat with 2 or 32 friends, it's possible with FaceTime's Group Call functionality

    19 Mar 2020

  • How to turn off an iPad

    how to turn off ipad main

    Wondering how to power down your iPad? We explain the steps to take

    18 Mar 2020

  • How to uninstall apps on Mac

    how to uninstall apps on mac main

    Four easy ways to keep your Mac free of apps you no longer use

    17 Mar 2020

  • How to permanently delete apps on iPhone

    how to delete apps on iphone main

    Three ways to quickly purge your iPhone of unwanted apps

    16 Mar 2020

  • How to disinfect an iPhone

    21 5in imac with iphone 18

    Protect yourself from the COVID-19 outbreak by regularly disinfecting your iPhone

    12 Mar 2020

  • How to speed up a slow Mac

    how to speed up a mac main

    Get your Mac back in shape with these 7 performance enhancing tips

    10 Mar 2020

  • How to clear the cache on an iPhone

    how to clear iphone cache main

    Give your iPhone memory a spring clean by clearing its cached data

    09 Mar 2020

  • How to connect AirPods to Mac

    apple airbuds 2 review 3

    You can use your AirPods with your Mac, but the process isn't always simple

    09 Mar 2020

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