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  • How to use a Wear OS smartwatch with an iPhone

    use wear os with iphone

    Tempted by a Wear OS watch but own an iPhone? Here's all you need to know

    29 Jun 2020

  • How to record calls on your iPhone

    iphone se 2020 review 14

    It might not be built into iOS, but there are ways to record incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone

    29 Jun 2020

  • How to use Tinder

    tinder logo

    Our Tinder guide will help you find love with the world's biggest dating app

    25 Jun 2020

  • How to tap to open apps in iOS 14

    how to tap to open apps in ios 14

    Accessing apps and functions has never been easier for iPhone users

    24 Jun 2020

  • How to get iOS 14 right now

    ios 14 widgets on iphone

    Too excited about iOS 14 to wait until general release later this year? We've got you covered

    23 Jun 2020

  • How to downgrade to iOS 13

    iphone 11 review

    If you've upgraded to the iOS 14 beta and regret it, here's how to go back to iOS 13

    23 Jun 2020

  • How to watch Apple’s WWDC 2020 keynote livestream

    how to watch wwdc 2020 stream

    What will we find out about iOS 14?

    22 Jun 2020

  • How to reset your password on Mac

    how to reset mac password

    Forgotten the password to log in to your Mac? Here's how to reset it, the easy way.

    18 Jun 2020

  • How to get a refund from the App Store

    how to get a refund from app store

    Here's how to get a refund on apps, music, books, movies and TV shows purchased via the App Store and iTunes.

    17 Jun 2020

  • How to reset a Mac

    how to reset a mac

    If you want to install a clean version of macOS on your Mac, we've got you covered.

    15 Jun 2020

  • How to watch Quibi on TV

    how to watch quibi on tv

    Find out how to stream Quibi shows to your TV

    15 Jun 2020

  • How to clear the cache on iPhone and iPad

    how to clear cache on iphone and ipad

    Want to speed up a sluggish iPhone or iPad? Try clearing the cache and deleting junk files.

    11 Jun 2020

  • How to fix a drive that won’t appear on Mac

    lifestyle macbook back 11

    If you can't get your external drive to work on your Mac, we've got a few fixes that should get things moving.

    10 Jun 2020

  • How to use emoji on Mac

    how to use emoji on mac

    Want to inject a bit of personality into your tweets and emails? Here's how to use emoji on Mac.

    08 Jun 2020

  • How to turn on Fall Detection on Apple Watch

    apple watch 4 comparison 8

    Fall Detection can be a life-saving feature, but it's not enabled by default unless you're over 55.

    08 Jun 2020

  • How to install macOS Catalina on an older Mac

    imac 21 5 2019 with mba2019 04

    Want to get Catalina on a pre-2012 Mac? We've got you covered

    03 Jun 2020

  • How to use a PS4 or Xbox One controller on iPhone or iPad

    how to use ps4 and xbox one controllers on iphone

    Ditch the old MFi controllers and use your DualShock 4 or Xbox One S controller to play games on your iDevice

    02 Jun 2020

  • How to use Instagram on Mac

    lifestyle working from home

    Whether you want to scroll through your Instagram feed or upload new content, it's possible to do so via Mac

    01 Jun 2020

  • How to copy iPhone contacts to a PC

    how to copy iphone contacts to pc icloud

    Here’s a free way to get your iPhone contacts on your PC without iTunes

    29 May 2020

  • How to cool down a hot iPhone

    how to cool down a hot iphone

    If your iPhone consistently overheats, it could cause lasting damage

    29 May 2020

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