• pacquiovsbroner

    How to watch Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner

    One of the best fights of 2019 comes around this weekend.

    18 Jan 2019

  • best free antivirus

    How to make a mailing list in gmail

    We’ll have you emailing several contacts at once in no time at all

    18 Jan 2019

  • how move windows apps sd

    How to move Windows apps to SD, USB or another drive

    Free up space on your C: drive by moving apps to a USB drive or even SD card

    18 Jan 2019

  • funny things say to alexa

    69 funny things to ask Alexa

    Alexa has a great sense of humour. Here's how to hear her jokes

    18 Jan 2019

  • windows 10 1600 3

    How to Remove Windows 10 Startup Programs

    Does your computer take a long time to load? Too many programs launching at once could be your problem

    17 Jan 2019

  • ps4 pro and vr review01

    How to get a refund on PS4 games

    Here's all you need to know about applying for a refund on content purchased on Sony's PlayStation Store

    17 Jan 2019

  • Mobile lifestyle 23

    How to root Android phones and tablets

    We’re going to show you how to get under the hood of your Android device

    17 Jan 2019

  • snapchat on windows

    How to use Snapchat on Windows

    Being able to view and send snaps straight from your computer is a cool feature. Here's our guide on how to use Snapchat on PC.

    17 Jan 2019

  • Asus Laptop lifestyle 4

    How to fix Windows 10 blue screen crashes

    Get your PC back up and running after a crash, using these simple tips

    17 Jan 2019

  • how to open swf files main

    How to open SWF files

    View .swf files on your PC by using Internet Explorer or third-party apps

    16 Jan 2019

  • get refund on switch games

    How to get a refund on Nintendo Switch games

    Can you get a refund on Nintendo Switch games bought in-store and from Nintendo's eShop? It's more complicated than many assume

    16 Jan 2019

  • Mobile lifestyle 42

    How to cancel Netflix

    A step-by-step guide to cancelling your Netflix subscription

    15 Jan 2019

  • how to stop netflix buffering logo

    How to watch Netflix 4K on your computer

    Find out if your Windows 10 PC is able to stream 4K content from Netflix

    15 Jan 2019

  • free netflix

    How to Get Free Netflix

    Stream your favourite movies for free with Netflix

    15 Jan 2019

  • how to diable gmail nudges main

    How to disable Gmail Nudges

    Stop Gmail from sending you 'Nudges' about emails

    15 Jan 2019

  • how to move switch games to sd card

    How to move Switch games to SD card

    Run out of space? No worries

    15 Jan 2019

  • how to backup and restore android apps main

    How to backup and restore Android apps

    Moving to a new phone or giving your old one a spring clean? Here's how to make sure your apps come with you

    14 Jan 2019

  • how to jailbreak nintendo switch

    How to jailbreak Nintendo Switch

    Here’s how to jailbreak your Nintendo Switch, along with the benefits and risks of doing so.

    14 Jan 2019

  • how to watch bbc iplayer abroad

    How to watch BBC iPlayer abroad

    How to access UK TV when you are abroad and watch BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world

    14 Jan 2019

  • how to rip cds to flac main

    How to rip CDs to FLAC

    We explain step by step how to copy CDs to your PC without losing audio quality

    11 Jan 2019

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