Zoom modem causing blue sceen in Vista

  Esc4p3 22:03 10 Jul 2007

I have a new Vista PC, and bought a new external Zoom 3090 dial up modem. I installed it fine with the Vista drivers and it worked first time, well that was then.

This morning tried to go online, and the modem was struggling to dial out, making incorrect tones, and then a BSOD. The was a stop code of 0x0000002,0x.... (it carries on for a while). Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, but no joy. The modem even holds onto the phone line so there is no dial tone on the home phone even though the PC has crashed and restarted. Anyway, because it worked initially I assumed the modem had failed, so I took it back and swapped it at PC World. But no, the same problem exists with the new one.

Any ideas what could be causing this? I use the same ISP and phone number on my old PC (the one I am on now) so the ISP is up and running.

  anskyber 22:40 10 Jul 2007

Are you sure it's the modem? Can you borrow another make and see if it works?

  pk46 01:58 11 Jul 2007

The error showing is a driver error if you remove the modem driver and the computer boots thats your problem,on reboot Vista shoild be able to find the driver for this device.

  Esc4p3 08:55 11 Jul 2007

I can't borrow another modem unfortunately. The computer boots and works fine for every activity except when I fire up the modem. As soon as it hits the internet the blue screen appears. What I don't understand is that for several days everything worked fine using the same driver. I have not installed anything else that I can think would conflict with it....

PK46, how could you tell that it was a driver error, was that from the stop code?

  Esc4p3 16:02 11 Jul 2007

Actually I got the stop code wrong, it is 0x00000012, which is 'trap cause unknown'. I don't know for sure it is the modem, but trying to dial the internet is the only problem the system currently has.... I can open word/excel docs, play cd's and dvd's, listen to mp3' etc etc..

I installed loads of windows updates a couple of days ago, it would be that would it?

  Esc4p3 10:21 17 Jul 2007

This is still driving me mad..... I have tried tweaking various settings, but still no joy. Internet is totally unusable. I have checked in device manager and it says the modem is installed and working correctly, although I could not find it listed in the IRQ list, perhaps I didn't look properly - it should be there should it?

I tried changing it from COM 3 to COM 2, no change. I thought I had cracked it when I realised my on-board sound was enabled as well as my Creative X-Fi, so disabled in the bios but that did not work either.

Anyone suggest anything else, I don't want to have to buy another modem if I can help it..... but I am running out of options.

  crosstrainer 10:40 17 Jul 2007

Try downloading the latest drivers from click here Then uninstall the modem completly, re-boot and install the new drivers (making sure you disable the Modem On Hold feature as suggested)

  Esc4p3 10:55 17 Jul 2007

Thanks crosstrainer

These are the drivers I am using, although I have not disabled the modem on hold feature as I am not sure where that option is. I did not install any software from the CD that came with the modem, just the Vista drivers from the Zoom website.

  crosstrainer 12:09 17 Jul 2007

Control panel, device manager (system) Then expand the view until you see the modem, click properties, and from there you should be able to disable the feature.

If that fails, try uninstalling the modem from the same location,re-boot, and lit Vista find the drivers....You will still have to disable modem on hold again though.

  Esc4p3 10:11 18 Jul 2007


Had a look last night, no options to disable modem on hold - looking at the cd that came with modem I think that kind of thing is handled by extra software which I did not bother to install (just installed the drivers).

Had a look at the modem log last night, and found the following message "DSR is low while initialising modem. Verify modem is turned on". Googled the phrase and found hundreds of occurrences, but no concrete answers. Any ideas..... I shall be checking how well modems fly from my upstairs window soon!!

  crosstrainer 10:53 18 Jul 2007

Quite well! But seriously, ig the drivers are flaky for Vista (which we are all finding) It's unlikely that they will write new ones for a dial-up modem. You can pick up internal dial-up devices for under a tenner, click here& Check that the one you choose has the correct vista drivers before you buy...very helpful sales staff.

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