Zonealarm firewall+Avast 7 anti-virus work with windows 8 CP?

  Jwbjnwolf 15:25 12 Mar 2012


I have been a windows 8 tester since basically as soon as the DP came out in September.

I use windows 8 CP now on my netbook (which I take to college) and I am not 100% sure if it was a virus I caught but I think it is very suspicious how it was working flawless one second and then the next second it was just impossible to do anything.

Luckily I am prepared now with this stuff thanks to dropbox and my external HDD, so the only things that are important is my college work which is backed up in dropbox which is then backed up on my external hdd through time machine when I get home onto my mac.

So to save fighting with my netbook, virus or no virus, I am just going to do a reinstall (luckily I can access bios/boot options when I just force shutdown/restart my netbook unlike when I just do a standard windows 8 shutdown.

I have gone to the Avast website and they say that Avast 7 works great on the beta in which I guess they mean CP(consumer preview) so I am going to test that out in parallels before I do on my netbook.

I would like to know if ZoneAlarm free firwall works on windows 8 CP?

That is the setup I have always used (apart from switching from AVG to Avast) and is the set up really I wanted from the start, but with the DP I have been fine, but I just don’t have a clue if it is a virus or not. But like I said, I will just reinstall as that’s just simple enough. As the only thing I have really installed is opera and MS Office 2003.

I’m too bothered, as if no one is sure I can simply just test it in parallels, but I really do want to be relying on avast and zonealarm again where at least I can scan my downloads manually etc. from the right click context menu which is not available (yet) with defender.

Sorry if I have given a bit too much information. But I got pins and needles in my fingers now after all this typing lol :)

Thanks Jase Wolf

  sharpamat 16:33 12 Mar 2012
  Jwbjnwolf 17:32 12 Mar 2012

So avast say that their version 7 works with windows 8 but then Microsoft haven't shown it!


Well anyway I'll give it a shot in parallels just like zone alarm firewall and if not then I can just easily role back a snapshot unlike with an actual system where reinstall or revert to backup is required.

  Jwbjnwolf 20:31 12 Mar 2012

Well Avast was correct, Avast is a charm on windows 8, just like all windows, don't slow windows 8 down what so ever!

found out that zone alarm just refused to install because incompatible.

Is PC Tools firewall or comodo firewall compatible?

going to give it a try quickly, but maybe one of you will beat me to it responding.

  sharpamat 06:54 13 Mar 2012

try install as admin. right mouse button on setup and select run as admin

  Jwbjnwolf 07:40 13 Mar 2012

Ok I'll give that a try in a bit. Thanks

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