YouTube Video Effects - Improve YouTube Experience

  Tony1990 13:47 07 May 2018

The must-have extension to improve YouTube experience with video effects, color filters, audio enhancement, other valuable features.

Download for Chrome | Download for Firefox

  • This extension brings to you above 50 video filters/effects for YouTube, such as: love, warm, moonlight, sepia, gray, drawing, blur, contour, edge map etc.
  • We also give you the dark mode (night mode) to apply for YouTube. You will have YouTube dark theme (YouTube black theme) to reduce your eyestrain problem.
  • Auto HD quality for YouTube Player: you can set default quality for YouTube, such as 8K, 5K, 4K, 2K, FullHD, HD etc.
  • Full Scale Mode to YouTube Player: you can play YouTube media player in new mode. In this mode, video will fit to size of windows view. This mode is also called the edge to edge mode, the fitting mode, or the maximized player.
  • Remove black space (black bars) around video: Your video content will fit to YouTube media player. You will not see the annoying black space around video.
  • Auto loop current video: you can play one video many times.
  • Auto play/pause if focus/blur Tab: YouTube media player will pause/play automatically when you switch to other tabs or leave from watching video.
  • Support audio enhancement for YouTube. And many other valuable features.

  wee eddie 14:15 07 May 2018

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