"Your Windows License Will Expire Soon"

  Robert James Hutchins 10:22 17 Nov 2019

I keep getting the above message on my screen. I´ve no idea what it refers to. My computer is 8 years old and I´ve never had these messages before. I´ve been trying to get information from Windows and have just been going round in circles for a couple of hours. Frustrating? Very! Meanwhile, I´m scared my screen´s going to suddenly go blank!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:01 17 Nov 2019

No its not going to go blank

what version of windows 7 or 10?

  mrgrumpy 13:59 17 Nov 2019

No offence but have you done some dodgey downloads or got something you don't know about. The reason I say this is because these days you get easily get caught out with unwanted programs if you are not carful. This is because sites now pre tick things you might not want so if you cant be bothered to scroll to bottom of a page or the t and c you can get items you did not know you had.

A few tips , look in start menu and add/remove and browser add ins for thing you don't recognise. Does the warning have a timer on it , you could be about to be hit by ransome ware , if you do then the only way to get rid of locked items or cash demands is to do a clean install so I suggest you do the following.

Go to albums/photos/documents and make back ups of everything , use the snipping tool to take screen shots of desktop and different areas of your pc ( print them out ) because you will most likely forget where something was located.

Run defender even if it does take a long time also do full av scan and Malwarebytes as well as adwcleaner.

I am not trying to scare you I am trying to prepare you for the worse case scenario.

Finally go to Microsoft store page and you will see online chat tab at bottom right , they might be able to assist you.

  Govan1x 09:58 18 Nov 2019

Go into System.And on the right hand side click on system info. That will tell you if your windows is activated or not.

It used to show you on the system page when you opened it, but now you have to click on system info to get the information. Not sure if it was the update to version 1909 which changed the settings or not.

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