You must restart your pc to turn off user account

  pcuserguy 20:29 05 Jun 2017

I purchased a brand new HP probook laptop last year in July(2016), it was working fine and perfectly(I used it for 9 months without any error), 2 months ago,I was working on it, then suddenly I got notification "you must restart your computer to turn off user account control" and it restarted automatically, After restart, this screen starts appearing and I was unable to do any thing after this screen

I contacted the shop owner(I have in-voice slip), he tried below things 1: Re-install windows 3-4 times 2: Re-install BIOS But every time,this screen start appearing as soon as I connect to internet. Finally, I claimed warranty and they replaced its motherboard, I was just using it gave me the same warning and restarted again, and after restarting, this screen starts appearing. I tried contacting this company but no response from them. Please suggest me what should I do?If the company is the owner of this pc,then how it worked till 9 months? Also what should I do to make it work again(or remove ownership of the company)

  Jollyjohn 10:51 06 Jun 2017

I see from the previous post click here that we didn't resolve this issue. Reading your latest post, is this a replacement motherboard?

The screenshot is a web page - the clue is in the message about add ons at the bottom.

Disconnect from Internet, wired and wireless - can you use the PC?

  q33ny 12:05 06 Jun 2017

Try to install windows on other disk drive. See if it does it again.

  lotvic 12:39 06 Jun 2017

Given the nature of Booz Allen Hamilton's business I don't see that anyone can simply unlock the pc from whatever security is embedded.

Go back to the seller and ask for replacement laptop. If you paid for a brand new HP probook laptop then that is what they should have supplied.

  wee eddie 13:47 06 Jun 2017

Agree with lotvic. This should not be your problem

  Forum Editor 14:35 06 Jun 2017

I also agree. It looks as if you were sold a computer that had previously been owned by the company mentioned in the screenshot you provided.

It is therefore not a new machine, and if the sellers said it was they are guilty of misrepresentation. Get your money back, or ask for what you paid for - a new computer.

  wee eddie 15:05 06 Jun 2017

As you appear to have had it for a considerable period of time, you need to act swiftly.

You are not claiming under Warranty Rights but under the Laws of the Land

  pcuserguy 19:59 06 Jun 2017

Thank you all for replies,Jolly: Yes it is new motherboard, and yes its appearing like add-on screeen, I have tried with disconnecting from internet as well,but still same error.

I still can get why I was able to use it for 9 months?If its an old laptop, then it should had displayed this screen in very begining

  wee eddie 21:31 06 Jun 2017

So,it wasn't a new laptop.

When did the new MOBO go in and who put it there?

  q33ny 08:45 07 Jun 2017

Being a presented as a webpage I don't think the problem is that you don't have a new Laptop. I think accidentally you caught something that resides in MBR. Before you go ahead with claiming that they haven't sold you a new laptop you should try my suggestion, try to install windows on a new hdd or fully format your hdd replacing also MBR records. I might be wrong but this is what I would try first.

  lotvic 12:28 10 Jun 2017

As per q33ny has said, screenshot is a webpage to access BAH's system or some corruption of BAH's login page. The screenshot does not show the top address bar so unable to see the URL. Ultimately we don't have enough info to pinpoint the cause.

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