XP to Windows 7 upgrade

  chub_tor 17:10 20 May 2009

I have a PC which currently has Win XP on one partition and Vista on the other (both are 250Gb partitions on a 500Gb hard drive. I am finding that I never use the XP partition anymore and I am considering upgrading that partition to Windows 7 RC1 so that I can evaluate it before the final release comes out.

There seems to be some confusion as to whether or not you can do a direct upgrade to Windows 7 from XP. Has anyone tried it and what are the pitfalls?

  Tech Guy 17:31 20 May 2009

I am sure it has to be a clean install when coming from XP, so make sure you back up before you start.

But you can install 7 from XP

  Strawballs 23:56 25 May 2009

If you put the disc in from within XP and when it auto runs choose install then custom which will install Win 7 but you will loose XP. All of your documents and settings will be saved in your C drive under the heading "Old Windows" from there I managed to copy and paste all of my favourites etc into the relevant folders

  ambra4 06:28 26 May 2009

Window 7 is just a Vista upgraded to a more stable and user friendly OS for Vista and XP uses to


There should be no problems with driver’s just use the Vista drivers

You can also installing old software in Win 7 as there is “Compatibility Mode” Build in to Win 7

for software from 95 to Vista

To access the “Compatibility Mode”

Right Click on the program “exe file” and go ‘Properties”

Click “Compatibility Tab” and select the mode that the software was made for

  chub_tor 15:13 27 May 2009

Thanks everyone, I have other problems at present with Vista SP2 that are taking my attention and I am glad that I still have a functioning XP partition. I will tick this as resolved and as soon as Vista SP2 has stabilised on my PC I will follow Strawballs advice to change my XP to Windows 7 Beta.

  Strawballs 22:23 27 May 2009

It's windows 7 RC (release candidate) you want not the Beta as that is due to switch off.

  chub_tor 08:56 28 May 2009

Thanks for the reminder, I did mean RC but I could easily have looked for the Beta. When you reach 70 your brain just turns to mush... Sigh....

  Strawballs 22:19 28 May 2009

There's no hope for me then mine's heading that way at 47

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