Narendra 13:41 24 Jan 2010


I have WINDOWS 7 for about a month now and nearly every day it installs security updates and will soon fill up the disk.
Wish to go back to XP,but for how long can i use it? Have heard that the MICROSOFT' will 'kill' it sometime.

Please advise.

Thank you.


  Narendra 14:42 24 Jan 2010

Thank you very much for your reply.

I will go back to XP.

Thw WINDOWS 7, nearly everyday it installs about 30 patches. Made a mistake buying it.

I also use LINUX UBUNTU 9.10 on a second drive, its much better.



  Narendra 14:53 24 Jan 2010

Thank you very much for your reply.
I have a 120 Gb hard disk that have been partitioned equally into 4 and have installed '7' on the first partition and it has already filled 20 Gb of the space and only 10 Gb left. And I only installed a few extra programmes but surely not enough to fill upto 20 Gb.

I am not sure now with your last reply, whether to ditch 7 or keep it. Ansd XP won't be good without security.


  Narendra 15:23 24 Jan 2010

How much of the hard disk would windows 7 fill up without third party softwares?
And i did not have any problems before.

I like windows 7 but the way it goes will soon 'bankrupt' the system!

  Narendra 17:30 24 Jan 2010

16 Gb for 32 bit1 Now I understand. No need to remove it then.
I'll follow your advice and install third parties on a different partition.
Thank you.

  Narendra 20:35 27 Jan 2010

Installed XP with VIRTUALBOX on WINDOWS 7. Some of the programmes would not work on '7'.

I am not sure whether '7' security updates would do for XP. But I did install AVG Antivirus and Service Pack 2 on XP.

Works fine at the moment.


  Narendra 18:54 06 Feb 2010

The XP runs ok in VIRTUALBOX on WINDOWS 7.
There is a problem, though.
The USB printer HP 930c does not work, it won't print documents or photos.

Please advise.
Thank you.

  Narendra 20:42 07 Feb 2010


I have installed printer in both, 7 & the box.

May be I have not configured well, I will figure it out eventually.

The point is the printer does the job for the box well after I have restarted the box. It printed out 2 documents just 10 minutes ago, when I least expected it. I was to have them yesterday, shortly after I sent the 'print' command!Crackie!

  Narendra 10:08 24 Feb 2010


I have a genuine copy of W7 and partioned my first hard disc into 2 equal halves, so there are 2 partions. on the other half i have installed ubuntu linux.
The 1st partion has VMware where I have installed XP but its the same problem with printing.
Never mind. I take the documents to a real 'shared folder' and print from there.

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