Wow I have got and I love it!

  mammak 19:32 18 Oct 2007

Well I am in love I got my new Vista laptop today
everything went smoothly 4 DVDs for recovery disks OMG compared with XPs 6 Cd's I found that a shock!

I find it really easy to navigate through Windows no problems so far I just love it all,
I am off to play with my new toy people.

PS. it came with Vista Business installed which suits me as I am an IT Student.

  anskyber 19:44 18 Oct 2007

Welcome to the dark side of the force (!). Seriously, I'm glad you enjoy it.

  mammak 23:01 18 Oct 2007

No problems everyone I dont mind my thread being hijacked :-) skidzy what the heck is a snippying tool sounds a bit uncomfortable that :-(

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