Works Suite 2000/Auto Route

  woody 17:57 31 Jul 2009

I have Auto Route Express (circa 1995) which works quite well on win7 32 bit (except no help).
However I also have Works Suite 2000 which has within it Auto Route and presumably a later edition.
It states I must remove old editions of Auto Route before trying to load the newer one.
I have uninstalled the old one as normal with the uninstall and used ccleaner and used regseeker and removed some items in regedit by "hand" but it still with not load the works suite 2000.
Short of wiping the HD what else would the team suggest?
Does anyone know Auto Route (95) and if so is the one in Works 2000 better?

  GaT7 18:47 31 Jul 2009

Try running any program that doesn't run (or run satisfactorily) in 'Compatibility Mode' click here. G

  woody 23:12 31 Jul 2009

Thanks crossbow7 but some of the other prog in the suite do work it is auto route that is the problem.

  GaT7 20:30 01 Aug 2009

Try right-clicking the Auto Route executable & changing its compatibility mode. Does it make a difference? G

  woody 01:07 02 Aug 2009

I have tried compatibility mode as suggested to no avail.
It surprised me that a circa 1995 program will work but not a year 2000.
Normally I would not try more than once to get an old program to work with a newer OS but I wanted to use this for a small project and it is not worth buying a new auto Route.
Thanks again for trying.

  woody 15:29 03 Aug 2009

I did get the circa 2000 prog to work with vista64 and it is better than the circa 95 one except i have to keep putting the CD in.

  GaT7 16:07 03 Aug 2009

Try a CD-drive emulator. Here's a free one that might work to your satisfaction click here.

If the above doesn't work, Google for: 'cd emulator' or 'virtual CD' - without the 'quotes'. G

  woody 19:22 03 Aug 2009

Thank you crossbow7

  audeal 15:40 04 Aug 2009

woody: When I install a program that requires the CD to be inserted, I copy the contents of the CD into a folder on my "D" drive and then install the program from there instead of the CD. When the program wants to access the CD it accesses the drive instead. This means you do not need the CD again and it can be put away for safe keeping.

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