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Word, Kaspersky and Home Page Problems

  griffon56 13:38 06 Jan 2020

Hi All, Happy New Year,

  1. Word's 'Normal' template reverts to default 1.5 line spacing and 'Add space after paragraph' settings even if updated to follow current doc.
  2. T'bird will not update since Kaspersky Total Security installed.
  3. Home page not always first choice for Firefox, tho' set. Instead MSN commonly opens up as the default.

Anybody wise words on any of these irritations. I thought that software, once installed could not be overidden. It's like a book changing text every time you open it. I find computers, at least the ones running Windows progs, very exasperating, tho' we can't do without 'em. To think the world runs on 'em!

Regards, Rog

  Pine Man 14:04 06 Jan 2020

I think the first thing I would do is run Malwarebytes to see if you have a nasty!

  mrgrumpy 11:16 08 Jan 2020

I have Kaspersky paid for and don't have any of the problems you describe so a few scans may be the order of the day.

If you have not run Kaspersky for a long time , when it tries to update it will tell you to remove Malwarebytes due to conflicts. You should also try running adwcleaner from Malwarebytes site.

Windows defender picks up on things that other programs sometimes miss but it can take a long time to do a full scan.

Look in start up menu and add/remove for any programs you might have got without knowing it.

BTW if you can run Malwarebytes without Kaspersky telling you to remove it AND if it finds anything you must repeat the scans till it finds nothing , this is because nasties are in segments and not all segments get deleted on first pass.

  wee eddie 14:07 09 Jan 2020

Alexei is a Spammer and has already been Reported

  griffon56 14:45 09 Jan 2020

I don't have Malwarebytes but,instead, fully paid for vrsions of Kaspersky Total Security, CCleaner Pro and Spybot, which I run often. In 20 odd years I've never had a single piece of malware, tho' earlier using Zone Alarm, AVG, Avast, Adaware, Malwarebytes, SpywareBlaster and Spybot, etc, etc, free versions. Any other ideas, please? I guessed Alexei's stuff was spam, thanks WeeEddie.

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