Word 2007 and Vista .docx save problems

  Jpeg6785 08:25 20 Feb 2008

Hi guys

When I save a document to the hard drive it saves it as a .docx file and shows the word logo on the icon, however when I click on the saved document it statses that it cant find the document and lists the root of it to exactly where it is !!??.

If I open the word programme up however I can then open the documents from within the application if I direct it to the stored .docx file.

Any ideas why the document fails to open directly without opening the program first, Ive checked file associations and the files are associated to the word application.

  anskyber 10:27 20 Feb 2008

It's to do with the fact that .docx is a new Office 2007 format which is not backward compatible.

Microsoft allow you to download a compatibility pack to eg open the file with older Office programs or there is a rather unsatisfactory way of asking 2007 to store the doc in the older format eg click here

  Jpeg6785 10:38 20 Feb 2008

Thaks again anskyber

I'm confused it is the 2007 version of word that I have installed, so theoretically there should be no compatability issues, or am I missing something?

The icon shows the file as a .docx, surely if I have the programme thats created the .docx, when the icon is clicked on surly this should just load the 2007 word programme up to deal with it?

  anskyber 10:45 20 Feb 2008

I agree, and from what you have said earlier you have used the default programs settings to associate .docx with Word.

I need to ponder a bit more(!)

  anskyber 10:56 20 Feb 2008

I am not sure whether the basic Foxit Reader or Adobe will associate with .docx but is it worth experimenting to change the file association to one or the other and try?

  Jpeg6785 11:05 20 Feb 2008

Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

When I get home from work I'm going to try changing the saves to .doc only (your first suggestion) and then if not try your last suggestions..

It really is going to be annoying though if I want to work on a document and cant just click on it to open it up for amendment, without having to manually load up word and then direct it to the file.

Vista just seems to through up one annoying problem after another, or is it vista? I know I didnt have these constant problems with the XP Dell that I sold to make room for it.

One again many thanks.

  Jpeg6785 10:12 21 Feb 2008

Just an update for anyone who searches the forum with a similar problem. I have resoved the issue my always saving files as a .doc documents even though this is word 2007 and .docx shouldnt be a problem !!!??

They now open straight into word now when I click on them, without the need to open word 2007 program first and direct it to the files....

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