Won't Hibernate whilst connected to Modem

  ANDY141062 02:28 07 Jul 2007

I wonder if anyone has had this problem and knows of a fix. I have a media centre computer from HP that I use with the TV etc. I have broadband and I connect via a cable. When I hibernate or sleep, the computer goes into hibernation and comes back on after about 5 seconds. The only way I can get this to work is by disconnecting the modem from the back of the PC then the computer will hibernate/sleep. This works ok, but there must be a beter way??

Can anyone please help

  Kate B 13:09 07 Jul 2007

I imagine it's waking up on response to something on the network. Why not just shut it down? Hibernation has never been particularly good.

  Forum Editor 17:04 07 Jul 2007

the cable is polling the modem, and the modem is doing the same to your computer, which is responding to the 'wake on LAN'.

I never hibernate any of my computers - too much hassle. I agree with Kate, why not just shut down when you're not using the machine?

  ANDY141062 02:53 08 Jul 2007

Thanks for the advic e. I was under the impression that Windows Vista didn't like being shut down.

If you are saying that you do not use Hibernate on Windows Vista, I will follow you lead

  carobhouse 23:46 16 Aug 2007

I also had the same problem with my hp media centre trawled through internet without success yet when I did find the solution it was SO easy why couldn't microsoft or someone tell us? Go to my network connections right click local area connection and then properties,click on configure button click the advanced tab scroll down to Wake on Settings and in the right hand box (mine had wake on OS) and change this to Disabled and my coputer now hibernates until I push the start button. I like the hibernate feature because it shuts down the computer so it only uses a trickle of power and saves about 5 minutes of startup time. I hope this helps you.

  jtt 12:57 20 Aug 2007

"Hibernation has never been particularly good" that's not been my experience. I've used Hibernation on several PCs, and set up other people's PCs with it, and rarely have a problem.

It's especially handy with Vista if you use Windows Mail, since Windows Mail is painfully slow to load.

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