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Wn 7 back up . delete all and start again? Or?

  algo mas 23:42 26 Jan 2016

Win 7 is backing up my win files on an external drive. Now it is full. Can I delete and start again? Or delete and back up current documents and photos? Suggestions please> Thanks.

  robin_x 00:46 27 Jan 2016

Delete via Windows Backup. As I remember, Windows gets confused and upset if you do it manually.

  mole1944 05:58 27 Jan 2016

As i see it you can do as i do (A) Make a clone of your drive always a good safety measure, i use Acronis. (B) i also use a clickfree to do a data back up, to use simply plug into a USB port and it sorts itself out i have the dongle but you could use this click here

  Bailifei 06:58 27 Jan 2016

You can use Easeus todo backup freeware to create a backup schedule, which will automatically delete the old backup files.

  algo mas 10:36 27 Jan 2016

Thank you all for your suggestions. Will look into them.

  wee eddie 13:02 27 Jan 2016

I am bored with these smart arses who answer a question with "I do it with something else" rather than trying to answer the question.

algo mas, is using W7 Backup Tool, a perfectly legitimate piece of Software provided within Windows 7, and has a question on this. Why not answer his question

  wee eddie 13:10 27 Jan 2016

algo mas, I am in a very similar position to you. Luckily I had space on my Drive for a second copy. I put all the old files into a new Folder and told Windows to Run, it recreated the folders but without all the last few months additions. I then deleted the old files.

If you are prepared to work without backup for a couple of hours, you could delete everything related to the old Set and start again.

Be aware, my advice is not backed up with any serious amount of knowledge, just guesswork.

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