WLM 12 photos upside down when sent from ipad

  MikeWhitworth 20:13 03 Apr 2018

Hi All A strange irritating problem a friend regularly sends me photos and videos from her ipad . When I openthe files on my W7 PC using WLM12 they appear upside down not a real problem with the photos but it is with the short videos . If I open the email on my Ipad or my android phone they are OK I do not have this problem with photos and videos sent from anyone else.nor does she have anyone else complaining of this problem . Seems most bizarre to me any ideas Mike

  MJS WARLORD 22:55 03 Apr 2018

hi mike i found this link , its not your pc its the ipad , as you probably know you can rotate a photo by right clicking on it but not a video.

click here

  MikeWhitworth 23:12 03 Apr 2018

Thank you MJS its nice to know neither My PC or me is going mad just got to educate my friend on how to hold her Ipad now . Thanks again for taking the trouble with your reply, Mike

  MikeWhitworth 20:00 04 Apr 2018

Hi MJS further to the Bizarre problem I have just sent myself two photos using my Ipad Mini 2 .one with the home button to the right the other with it to the left. When I opened the email on my PC they both appeared the correct way up ?????? the mystery deepens Mike

  MJS WARLORD 21:05 04 Apr 2018

glad I read your post and looked for an answer , just for the hell of it I took some selfies for forum profiles , the ones taken on my Samsung android tablet in landscape uploaded ok , the ones uploaded in portrait uploaded sideways on , technology does weird things !!!

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