wireless usb adapter -tenda manufacture

  dougrgarden 01:17 04 Jan 2017

hi folks have upgraded from win 7 pro 32bit via microsoft mediadisk to win 10 All went ok and authenticated transfer but when i inserted the usb wireless adapter i was met with a blue screen error message that therewas a problem and needed to shut down and restart this went in a loop but removing the adapter solved this gliche - but of course I have no internet online facility In addition on log in I see bottom right a box with "flight mode"I tried clicking but no effect so read some tips and tutorials which said go to settings where internet options would show LHand box that showed flight mode and r h box an on/off --but there is nomention and I dont get a screen that resembles demo tutorial I have the tenda installation CD that worked on win 7 fine but that asksme to insert USB adapter -and then I get reboot prob all over again until its removed Once i log in all works fine -and files /pics/docs intact --but of course no internet so cannot check progs and drivers for updates Please can anyone help who has had similar probs to get rid of flight mode which could be preventing internet connection or prob with wifi adaptor Would be grateful

  Forum Editor 07:25 04 Jan 2017

You will need to download a Windows 10 driver for your adaptor. You can do that if you click here.

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