Wireless Pin asks for eight numbers router has letters included

  chaferden2 04:43 16 Jun 2013

Windows 7 asks for an eight number pin for a wireless connection to a network, but the router eight digits are a mix of letters and numbers. Win7 will not accept.?

  mole1944 05:40 16 Jun 2013

I'm with virgin and my router has both wps pin (numbers) and a password (all letters, when you try to set it up can you change what of these two you need.

  lotvic 13:55 16 Jun 2013

Could it be that there is an O letter and you are mixing it up with 0 (zero number)? (or vice versa)

  mole1944 06:14 17 Jun 2013

Good thinking lotvic,i'm not thinking straight at the moment wife has dementia and i'm going through a difficult time at the moment.

  lotvic 19:09 17 Jun 2013

mole1944, sympathies, I've just spent this last week looking for a couple of necklaces. I've practically dismantled the place whilst being harangued by and having to comfort upset mum in 90's who has 'put them down somewhere...'

still not found them

  mole1944 19:59 17 Jun 2013

Lotvic been there done it try drawers or behind things and even in tins, wife has had dementia since 2007,love her to bits but just had a week respite for the first time this year, batteries part charged and ready to go, has she put them in the kitchen pans for "safe" keeping

  lotvic 23:25 17 Jun 2013

I'll have a look..

  ZachSmiith 10:23 30 Jul 2013

You should check your networking device (Router/Modem) for a WPS pin. This should be a 8 digit number on the bottom/side of your device, the mixture of letters and numbers you speak of is a WPA2 key.

On that note Windows should offer you the option to input the WPA2 key instead of the WPS.

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