Wiping Vista completely and putting XP on

  Daisy22 17:32 08 Sep 2009

I've just bought a secondhand laptop which has vista installed, however, it is only 512 mb with 1.60 ghz and its running a bit slow.

Its for my daughter who only wants internet and word processing so I thought it might be better to get rid of Vista and put XP on.

How do I do this please

  chub_tor 22:36 08 Sep 2009

It would probably be easier to leave Vista on the machine and increase the RAM in the laptop to 3 or 4Gb. That way you won't have to buy XP or have the hassle of changing all the laptop's drivers.

  mooly 08:18 09 Sep 2009

Definitely agree...
I'm guessing it must be Vista Home Basic. Check with the manufacturer of laptop how much RAM it will accept as there may be a limit or a BIOS update needed, or even post details here someone may know. Or visit,

click here

which will scan laptop and advise on suitable upgrades.

Can you also do a clean Vista install from a recovery partition on the HDD as it may be cluttered with previous stuff etc.

  heepster 15:12 10 Sep 2009

A word of warning...........Read this:

click here

Not as easy as you would think.I have tried this and its not as easy as you would think.

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