wins 8 a mistake?

  rickf 14:37 17 Nov 2012

Is MS heading for a disaster with wins 8 with all the problems people are encountering especially installation on desktops? Why do MS relase these incomplete OS's. Vista was the same. Wins 7 is proving to be the most stable to date along with XP.

  Forum Editor 16:53 17 Nov 2012

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  Forum Editor 16:56 17 Nov 2012

"all the problems people are encountering especially installation on desktops?"

I've installed Windows 8 on one desktop and two laptops, and haven't encountered a single problem. Each installation was fast and smooth.

There's no reason for a desktop installation to be any different from a laptop - they're both computers. The windows 8 installer doesn't care.

  Quickbeam 11:22 18 Nov 2012

'are we not allowed to discuss windows 8 in speakers corner?'

Is there a conspiracy going on, or is it just the right pigeon hole for it...?

  Quickbeam 11:29 18 Nov 2012

I've been on W8 on a laptop that was originally Vista and then W7.

On Vista it was awful, with W7 it worked very well and smoothly, on W8, I have a problem in that my Kodak printer keeps needing to be re-installed as it can't see it all the time for some reason.

I also can't use my subscription for 3 PCs for Zone Alarm Extreme on it. Does anyone else have these problems?

They'll be solved in time as annoying as they are now, but it's not the end of the world, certainly not bad enough to revert to W7 and brand it a lemon OS.

I intend to buy a W8 tablet when the initial prices settle down, so I might as well get used to how it looks now.

  Quickbeam 11:32 18 Nov 2012


What start button are you using? I miss that too.

  rdave13 22:30 18 Nov 2012

denso50 , I think installing another software to get a start icon on the desktop (getting there initially via the start app anyway) defeats the object and just complicates things and slows the OS as the app... err software needs to load. I've only been using Windows since 2003 but have taken to 8 as it's quite simple to navigate. Easier than having a start button and another small window opening on the left in the same page. For a day or two it took to learn what I could do with the mouse, I find that Windows 8 is an improvement over 7. Faster and simply a better system of getting information to you. I had my doubts in the beginning, that WMP wouldn't play DVDs and Windows Media Centre wasn't available (free up to 13th Jan I believe) but those are minor niggles. WMC I have installed anyway. Use the OS as intended and its excellent in my humble opinion.

  Quickbeam 08:18 19 Nov 2012

Thanks denso50, I'll have a play with that later.

  Forum Editor 22:43 20 Nov 2012


Each to his own, but I fail to see any point in installing a new version of an operating system and promptly setting about trying to make it look like the older version - why not just stay as you were?

Personally I don't have the slightest problem with the way Windows 9 works; yes,it's different, but it took me about a day to get to grips with it, and now I realise that in fact the interface is far easier to work with, and my computer is running faster than before.

Just a personal opinion.

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