Windows7-Speakers & some USB ports stopped working

  aphrodite42 16:27 14 Jan 2019

Suddenly my PC tells me that no speakers are plugged in (although they are) and I can't get sound although nothing has changed in respect of my setup. Also, and I don't know if this is a coincidence or not, some but not all of my USB have stopped working. Is this a Windows fault or is my motherboard on the way out?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:05 14 Jan 2019

check in device manager for exclamation marks against the drivers also worth uninstalling and reinstalling drivers.

  KEITH 1955 10:38 15 Jan 2019

when you get sound working , another clue that their is a device manager problem is to turn up the volume , can you hear a low bass note being repeated , don't know why it does that I discovered it by accident.

as fruitbat says go to device manage and right click on all usb devices and uninstall drivers , at restart windows will reload generic drivers.

with regards to the sound try the following

  1. Go to device manager/ sounds and mic tabs then right click and uninstall drivers even if they dont have a yellow triangle on them. Windows will reinstall them on restart. 2. In sounds/playback tab right click and disable the realtek digital output. just above the icon when using SPEAKERS you should see a green tick in the speaker icon , right click if missing. When you plug in your headphones the icon will go out and if you scroll down you will see a new one for headphones . when you swap between speakers and phones it takes a few seconds to find new device. 3. check properties tab on both headphones .... green jack highlighted and microphone pink jack. finally at bottom right corner where the speaker icon is change the tab to realtec high def audio , i have my volume at 50%
  aphrodite42 10:02 20 Jan 2019

I have no exclamation marks in Device Manager and have tried the driver update route but no success. Anything else I can try that doesn't involve taking the tower apart - I wouldn't have the confidence to tackle anything like that.

  KEITH 1955 11:24 20 Jan 2019

clean the pins with something and replace them , note that some pins and plugs are very sensitive and only have to be out a fraction to stop them working.Failing that check for broken solder points , with regards to the usb make sure the plugs on the mobo are all seated properly , one of my fans stopped working because the hot air being pulled past the wires made the cable move just enough for the plug to be slightly out of line in the socket , it was enough to stop the fan working.

  aphrodite42 15:37 24 Jan 2019

Thanks MJS. Still no joy. I have checked all the connections to sockets on back of tower but haven't the courage to open the tower to follow the rest of your suggestions.

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