windows xp on samsung netbook

  nobbyhigo 13:37 13 Nov 2014

i have a recovery disc for a samsung nc10 that doesnt load properly in drive Would it be possible to install windows from a xp sp3 disc i have Thing is i dont have the COA its rubbed away but i reckoned that the BIOS would recognise it being xp It didnt ask for the coa when i last used the recovery disc when it worked some 18 months ago

  alanrwood 13:54 13 Nov 2014

Try creating a boot install USB memory stick and copying over the Disk that does not work. Maybe do it on another computer in case it is just an incompatibilty between your external Disk Drive and the disk itself which is preventing it being read correctly. Alternatively why not try and recopy the recovery disk on another machine and see if it reads that one.

  alanrwood 14:58 13 Nov 2014

Have you tried tapping F4 quickly repeatedly at boot up. On mine it gives the Samsung Recovery program from the hidden recovery partition.

  Batch 17:47 13 Nov 2014

As I understand it, recovery disk will reset to factory settings using Samsung's volume licence product key a(and that's why you don't need a licence key).

Whereas installing Windows XP from scratch from an XP SP3 CD/DVD will require an appropriate product key from a CoA.

  alanrwood 19:14 13 Nov 2014

I think Batch is correct.

  nobbyhigo 22:51 13 Nov 2014

thank you i at least know now

  alanrwood 10:36 14 Nov 2014

Did you try the F4 method. Can't try it on mine as I installed an SSD and Win7 a couple of years ago.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:39 14 Nov 2014

As long as you are installing to the same system (motherboard HDD cpu etc.)

Use Magic Jelly Bean or similar program to get the serial key and copy the activation folder before reinstalling.

  1. To make a copy of the system's product activation data. This is stored as a pair of files named WPA.BAK and WPA.DBL in the %SystemRoot%\System32 folder (usually \Windows\System32).

  2. If your existing copy of Windows is bootable, you can copy these files out normally. If not, you have to boot to the Recovery Console or use some other tool (linux boot disk) to copy out the files. The files are very small (only 15 K or so each) and can be copied to a usb stick, another hard drive or anywhere else that you see fit but not the same partition especially if you are going to format before reinstalling.

  3. Reinstall Windows XP normally. You can reformat the hard drive when you do this, if you choose to do so (a good idea to remove all the crapware and accumulated rubbish).

  4. When fully installed, reboot the computer in Safe Mode (tap F8 on startup). Go to the %SystemRoot%\System32 folder and rename the WPA.BAK and WPA.DBL files to something else (e.g. oldWPA.BAK and oldWPA.DBL ).

  5. Copy in the backed-up WPA.BAK and WPA.DBL files to that directory.

  6. Reboot normally. Your new installation of Windows should be activated.

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