Windows XP mouse and keyboard not working

  rjtyrell 21:11 19 Jan 2017


I have an old desktop that I've booted up with a USB mouse and keyboard. These are different to the ones used when last operated. It picks the devices up on boot up but as soon as it's in windows the power goes and I cannot do anything. I get a blue window about new devices.

I've checked the setup and all USB boxes are selected as on, depowered and also changed the motherboard battery.

Any other ideas?


  wee eddie 22:23 19 Jan 2017

Try a PS2 Keyboard/Mouse. Early USB was not as reliable as it is now

  rjtyrell 07:25 20 Jan 2017

I only have usb ports front and back....

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:39 20 Jan 2017

Use F8 to boot into safe mode uninstall the old keyboard and reboot to normal mode XP should find and install the keyboard but you may need the XP Cd in the CD drive for it to find drivers.

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