Windows XP Mode + windows virtual pc in windows 7

  new214 17:45 23 Jan 2010

Hiya all Ive made a post in the helproom about which xp software is compatible with windows 7 and I was reading up about a feature called Windows XP Mode and windows virtual machine:

1) if you install both of these softwares on windows 7 can you use any software which works on xp?

2) my second question is how does this work i.e do you always have to open up windows xp mode to run an xp software or does it let you run it in windows 7 once you've installed it in xp mode?

please see my article links click here where it says "Applications running in Windows XP"

  Lee.C 19:52 24 Jan 2010

1. Most XP applications will work without issue in XP Mode. The main exception being commercial games (virtual pcs just don't have the power to replicate a modern graphics card).

2. Yes to both parts of the question really. It is possible to start an XP Mode program from within Windows 7 (via a shortcut) but XP mode will still need to be running for it to work.
If you start the shortcut whilst XP Mode is closed there will be a delay whilst XP Mode starts up in the background and then runs the program you've selected.

  psycobob 06:11 06 Feb 2010

Ibought a new pc in December with 64 bit Windows 7 Installed & it's superb. The only piece of software from I used to use on my XP system that I can't get to run on the new pc is Alcohol 120%.

  gengiscant 10:17 06 Feb 2010

The new Alcohol 120 version: is working for anyone interested( on windows 7 version.7100 x64)

  Technocrate 10:04 26 Feb 2010

Windows 7 XP Mode

1. In order to utilize this tool you are required to have following hardware on your machine.
Memory: 2GB of memory recommended.
Hard disk requirement: 20MB hard disk space for installing Windows Virtual PC. Additional 15GB of hard disk space per virtual Windows environment recommended.
Processor: Processor capable of hardware virtualization, with AMD-V™ or Intel® VT turned on in the BIOS.
2. Enable hardware virtualization in BIOS.
3. Next, you’ll need to install two software packages on your PC:

* Install the Windows Virtual PC, which is the virtualization software that powers “XP Mode”.
* Install the Windows XP Mode, which is a specially crafted XP virtual machine.

4. Once you’ve completed those steps and restarted your computer, run the Virtual Windows XP item in the start menu, add in a password and make sure to choose to remember the credentials if you want the integration features to work smoothly.
5. Once the wizard is complete, you will see a dialog that sets up XP for use.
6. Install your Windows 7 application in Windows XP.
7. Once your Windows 7 application are installed and shortcuts are in the All Users start menu, they will show up in the Windows 7 start menu under the Windows Virtual PC -> Virtual Windows XP Applications folder.
Microsoft is targeting mainly small businesses with the XP Mode feature, but larger businesses may also need to run older applications. For bigger firm the company has a product called MED-V that allows control over things like who can install programs on their machines and other management issues.

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