Windows XP (64bit) to Windows Vista (64bit)

  huguelad 18:13 26 Jan 2007

I attempted to upgrade Windows XP Professional (64bit) to Windows Vista (64bit). Installation failed, suggesting that there was no upgrade path from XP Pro (64bit) to Vista (64bit). Does anyone have any advice? I do not wish to create dual boot or create seperate partition. Does anyone have advice.


Tony Huguely
[email protected]

  powerless 21:05 26 Jan 2007

Backup all data to CD/DVD, Ext. HDD etc.

Then start from scratch, format and then stick Vista on.

Probably best to make sure your apps are compat. first.

  Jake_027 21:17 26 Jan 2007

click here

It requires a clean install, it cannot have an in place upgrade. Hope This Helps.


  Kate B 22:52 26 Jan 2007

Also I think 64bit Vista requires signed drivers - you can ignore bleats about unsigned drivers in 32bit Vista and install them anyway but not in 64bit Vista. Incidentally, it's not a good idea to put your email address like that online. First, you don't know who's seeing it and second you're going to attract spam.

You are correct Kate Vista x64 does indeed require signed drivers approved by WQHL. Driver
support for this platform does not look good from touring the sites there is very little on offer. Vista 32 Bit on the other hand is well supported and a good friend of mine has found that this platform will even function with XPSP2 32 Bit drivers without problems. Upgrading is not a good idea a clean install is the way forward, so back up your data and if you are happy install Vista x64, rather you than me though, I would wait for better driver support.

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