Windows won't load and I can't factory reset !

  Hartlando19 10:48 03 Dec 2016

I've been having some trouble with my computer for the past few weeks now with it slowing down and with the CPU fan constantly speeding up and slowing down, then yesterday I logged on and the whole windows process wouldn't respond,so I started it up in safe mode where I did a full system scan to see if it was a virus issue. Unfortunately this didn't help and now I try to restore it to factory setting but it gets to about 30% complete and says there's an issue and can't reset ! I'm stuck, so any other suggestions will be appreciated


  Jollyjohn 11:01 03 Dec 2016

First option, give it a clean, using an air canister blow out all dust etc. Disconnect and reconnect all cables.

Then download a Linux live cd iso file, burn to disc and try booting from that. If this works, copy your data from your hard drive. I suspect hard drive may be on the way out.

  Hartlando19 11:14 03 Dec 2016

After looking at it, I think it is the hard drive, thanks for the quick reply

  Jollyjohn 11:44 03 Dec 2016

The use of a Linux live cd will show that all other parts are working and enable you to recover your data from the old hard drive.

  Hartlando19 13:05 03 Dec 2016

Bit of an update, the computer will not even let me access the BIOS or even light up the screen, the fans are spinning, but there is no post Beep, that makes me think that the motherboard is FUBAR, any other suggestions ?

  BRYNIT 13:29 03 Dec 2016

It may not be the motherboard it could be the PSU has failed not supplying enough power.

  Jollyjohn 13:33 03 Dec 2016

I would definitely check PSU before suspecting motherboard in this case. A motherboard failure is more likely to be instant / total as a component fails. Symptoms suggest a dying PSU.

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