Windows won't boot after cpu change but Linux boot

  WAI Creations 04:00 27 Oct 2018

Hi,I have a lenovo e4325 modal laptop which comes with amd a4 4300m(fs1b) dual I thought to upgrade my cpu..I brought a amd a8 5500m which is also compatible with fs1b socket..I reset the BIOS and CMOS and swap the cpu..before that I had dual boot which consist of windows 7 & Kali Linux.. after the swap laptop boots into BIOS setup page and I thought everything was fine..but when I boot the hard disk ..there was a black screen..after few seconds I see the Linux automatically I thought there was a problem with grubs(bootloader)..then I restarted and blindly boots into windows..but this time it's booted into windows and the windows logging in sound appears but the screen still remains black...I think it was not a hardware problem because the Linux boots without anyone problem with blindly booting. can anyone help me with this problem...thx in advance

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:07 27 Oct 2018

Is windows trying to boot to an external monitor try plugging one in or try the FNkey + whichever key ahs the lue screen sysmbol on to roll though the screen display options of LCD only external only and both, remember to wait a few seconds between selecting each option to see if the screens boot up.

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