windows will not boot unless two certain hard drives are running

  Bruz 17:55 23 Apr 2013

I ran norton ghost to copy c drive to a larger drive. It was supposed to create a bootable win 7 drive and in some respects it did. Unfortunately it will only boot up when the original c drive is running and if you switch either off the PC will not run at all.The drive that the operating system was copied to is listed in disk manager as Healthy Boot page file crash dump primary partition. The c drive Healthy system active primary partition, anyone got any ideas as to how to part these two drives. Cheers Bruz

  jaywoo 18:25 23 Apr 2013

Is the larger drive missing the 100mb system partition Windows 7 creates during installation? Connect the larger drive, disconnect the smaller one. Boot from a Windows 7 DVD and do a system repair to correct the missing boot information on the new drive.

  Bruz 19:10 23 Apr 2013

The large drive does have the 100mb partion it is the small one that does not have it. If you try to run the original on its own it states that it cannot find the bootmrg. Which means it will not even look at the windows cd. I tried the repair on the larger drive and it got locked into a loop, telling me to put the windows disk into the drive and reboot and when I rebooted it said the same again. Then I pressed enter and it tried to boot up. It asked for my password and then it stated that it was setting up my desktop. After an age it just cleared to a sort of blue screen stating that the copy of windows was not genuine. All I could do was reboot. Regards Bruz

  jaywoo 19:43 23 Apr 2013

How about the manual method with the Windows 7 DVD.

Use the bootrec /fixboot and /fixmbr commands listed there

Strange about the blue screen - I have unactivated Windows 7 virtual machines which just nag about activation but still allow log in - sounds like profile damage.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:20 24 Apr 2013

If its a GPT disk then Ghost will not recognse the gpt partition info and will use the protected mbr info instead

When put in place of C drive the Uefi Bios will look for the gpt to find a boot partiton.

You may have to set your efi Bios to legacy Bios before it will see the cloned drive properly

Boot machine while pressing F10

Find Secure Boot in the menu tree, ignore warnings

Disable Secure Boot feature

Enable legacy boot options

Enable specific legacy devices, such as USB devices

Save and reboot while holding down F9

  Bruz 14:48 24 Apr 2013

Thanks Fruit Bat for that but it was to late I had recovered the larger drive By overwriting after a failed repair, I ran the setup off the windows disk from the dot prompt and when I tried to install the upgrade windows told me that I could not do that as there was TWO operating systems in that partition. I could however overwrite it, which I did. How this came about I do not know but now I have to reinstall years of software. I have a backup made with ghost 15 from 7/march/2013 it will recover files from but it will not restore my drive. I have another one from April 3rd that will allow me to start to recover but then it ignores the boot disk when you reboot windows. I have tried to make another boot disk but ghost only wants 32 bit files and I am using a 64 bit windows 7. I have the smaller hard drive in a docking station and all the data is accessible but it will not boot from it. I would appreciate any help in getting this one working it will save me weeks of installing programs and search for files and passwords. Cheers Bruz

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