Windows Vista - Teething Problems

  Guybrush1 09:27 17 Feb 2007

After running Windows Vista Home Premium for 2 weeks now thought I'd offer a little feedback. Firstly there are MANY software incompatibilies. Already I have had several lock ups - due to windows explorer lock ups when trying to access fully working disks used under XP Pro, many warnings that games/programs have 'known compatibility issues' and have experienced 2 blue screens (one all my fault). Hint:-if Vista moans it doesn't want you to install a proggy.......listen to it.

I think more than any version of Windows the software vendors are by no means ready for it. For example for all of you that own an Nvidia card (like me) it has now ben confirmed by Nvidia that there official Vista drivers are simply not up to scratch, to such an extent they have created a special forum for people who are having problems with the new drivers:-

click here

For me some games run badly or crash (very recent games) and the device driver keeps failing and shutting down and Vista informs me that it has had to restart the video card driver.

Also firewall software is very thin on the ground, even from some of the big boys and you will need a standalone firewall as the outbound firewall in Windows is woefully bad.

Thus far I have been installing many programs and testing them out, sadly as is often the case one of them would appear to have 'broken' Windows Media Player and mp3's simply refuse to play. Fortunately I have Nero media player to fall back on and that works flawlessly, but at least for now it appears I have lost functionality in Media player for reasons that escape me.

Am I happy I upgraded....yes but simply because I'm an anorak and simply love the cut and thrust of trying to get a new operating system to work as it should. My personal feeling is that Vista is far from finished and Microsoft pushed it out of the door too early..........roll on service pack 1

I would be grateful to hear of any problems/solutions to any problems people are having with all versions of Vista.



  Input Overload 09:44 17 Feb 2007

I haven’t found a Firewall that runs on Vista, I’m using the built in firewall. Some of my software is incompatible but I’ve been able to find alternatives (mainly freeware) as work-arounds. I'm pleased I upgraded but also quite surprised at the lack of software updates ready for Vista.

  anskyber 09:50 17 Feb 2007

I agree with Input Overload's general conclusions. My biggest headache was not having IE7 on install, no browser at all but with internet access.

The reason? Canon's Omnipage 2.0 was blocking IE7, a simple uninstall and IE7 reappeared.

  Guybrush1 09:53 17 Feb 2007

I havr found a 'beta' firewall that seems to work very well but be warned some people in the authors forums have had certain problems, and you need to be ok with dealing with multiple popups until the firewall 'learns' your preferences.

It is an evaluation copy that will expire 26th Feb and after beta it will be purchaseable. It is available from:-

click here

I have used it pretty flawlessly, to such an extent I will probably buy it when it comes out of beta, but I would still advise to approach with caution, read the forum posts on the site and decide if you want to take the risk.


  anskyber 09:55 17 Feb 2007

Kerio is Vista compliant although I have not used it. click here

  Kate B 10:59 17 Feb 2007

It's not Microsoft that hasn't finished Vista, is it - your problems are all with third-party programs. That tells me that Nvidia hasn't got its act together; that the game developers haven't provided patches; that the security software bods haven't sorted out Vista-compatible versions. I had some issues getting Vista installed but that was because (it turned out) that I needed to flash my bios. I've got Vista itself running flawlessly on my rig - the IE7 issues are not universal - my only problems are with third-party vendors.

I agree, you should listen to Vista if it bleats about not wanting to install something, but blame the provider of what you're trying to install. It's not as if this OS has crept up on the tech industry - they've had plenty of time to get their rear ends in gear.

  Input Overload 11:04 17 Feb 2007

I'll give that a try Guybrush1, thanks.

  Guybrush1 11:39 17 Feb 2007

After anskyber offered up Kerio as an alternative I went to uninstall Jetico and have a play with that. Jetico totally wiped out my internet connection on reboot and it has taken me 3 system restores (after much attempted reg editing) to get it back. Just gonna try Kerio now..thanks to anskyber and Kate B, I couldn't agree with your points more. I think the industry as a whole has been extremely lazy in embracing Vista and now its here its us the consumer that is paying the price for them trying to play catch up.


  Guybrush1 11:57 17 Feb 2007

The link to the website you gave is mistaken.......Kerio is not compatible with Windows Vista, I downloaded it and it refused to install.

click here

If I come across one that isn't in beta, i will post here



  anskyber 12:04 17 Feb 2007

Drat! Thats what comes from trusting Filehippo.

I agree with Kate, it's the software houses which are helping to give Vista an undeserved bad name.

  anskyber 12:09 17 Feb 2007

PS sorry to have inadvertently mislead you.

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