Windows Vista SP1 Installed

  Guybrush1 12:00 09 Feb 2008

Hi Everyone

Just a heads up for anyone thats interested. I got my hands on a copy of Vista SP1 that states it is SP1 RTM. The build number on the .exe is 6.0.6001.17028 with a date stamp of 19th Jan 2008. Several sites have reported the final build to be 18000 and indeed despite what the version number says this appears to be the final. Note the info below from my regisrty after installing:-

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion]


It's worth noting that Microsoft confirmed that SP1 refresh 2 ended up being the final code and the build on that is 17028

Note the sites below

click here

click here

click here

I set it installing at 4.00am this morning and went back to bed and got up to find installation had completed. Microsoft says it is at present holding SP1 back as there are some driver issues. The only problem I have encountered is that it breaks ZoneAlarm free totally, to such an extent it blocks the 'True Internet Vector Monitor' driver from loading altogether. This must of really gutted Checkpoint who have only recently completed work on ZoneAlarm Pro for Vista. (unless of course it is already compatible but I didn't see anything on their website stating that).

With a lot of the 'enhancements' being under the hood there isn't a great deal to report on anything else to press. It seems 'rock' stable and certainly boots faster but the bottom line is I've not had many problems on my system with Vista as it was new last October.

The other side of the coin is i've just installed it on my old PC which I gave to my girlfriend and that wasn't as smooth. This PC is about 4 or 5 years old (but still quite beefy) and first attempt failed so I successfully installed it from safe mode. Again first impressions are that it is rock stable.

If any problems develop I'll keep you informed.



  Forum Editor 00:49 10 Feb 2008

have installed this software. I certainly have, and so far there have been no problems.

  crosstrainer 08:14 10 Feb 2008

It on a couple of test machines in the workshop, and does seem to be ok. I am, however going to wait until it comes down the Windows Update pipe before taking the plunge on my home machines.

  ruskle 20:35 10 Feb 2008

I will wait for the official update from Microsoft but just two questions.

If the SP1 pack is downloaded now and installed would it overwrite the original Vista and need the applications to be installed again plus any data.
Secondly, I have automatic updates installed on my PC, would it run the download in the back ground and therefore I would not need to do anything, or loose the data and applications.


  crosstrainer 07:48 11 Feb 2008

The service pack will not overwrite any of your apps, games etc. When it becomes available via Windows update, you will need to let it install (needs re-boot etc) so you won't be able to continue using your machine as the process takes place.

  jakimo 14:04 11 Feb 2008

I read that Microsoft were withholding the official SP1 release until March or later due to compatible problems with some printers

  Why wont it work 00:13 12 Feb 2008

Works fine on my desktop. Killed my laptop though (BSOD after BSOD). Still, apparently Intel network drivers are among the 'problem' drivers which has delayed SP1, so maybe it's not such a surprise...

  ruskle 20:21 13 Feb 2008

Many thanks crosstrainer, as I said, I will await the official download and let it do it's stuff. Lets hope it improves the performance on my PC's.


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