Windows Vista connects to Router wirelessly but fails to make a connection to the internet

  doug_ 12:19 20 Oct 2011

Hi Guys,

I'm really hoping somebody out there can help me with my problem as i desperately need to get to be able to use this laptop.

Basically my problem is is that the laptop connects to the router fine (when a click n a link that shows me all the avialable networks it says i'm connected my network, yet in the network sharing centre it shows n connectin to the internet).

I have other laptops and computers in the house that can easily connect to the internet, just this one doesn't seem to want to do that.

I have phne up my internet provider, gone through a number of procedures and tehy have said it is something to do with the laptop itself.

Please can anyone help me and suggest possible solutions.

I'm no genius with laptops and computers so a dummy proof step by step guide would be helpful... id be more than appreciative :)

Thanks. Doug

  chub_tor 17:32 20 Oct 2011
  doug_ 23:22 20 Oct 2011


This is a great slideshow but it doesnt help me with my problem unfortunately.

I can connect to the router but i still can't gain access to actually using the internet wireessly, i can only do this when i plug in a cable that connects to the router.

I have a feeling its something to do with my laptop rather than the actaul internet server as all my bothers and sisters laptops get on to the internet fine.

  chub_tor 08:44 21 Oct 2011

I don't know enough about the mechanics of the difference between connecting to the router and connecting to the internet via the router to completely diagnose your problem. But I always carry around with me one of these to try and decide if there is a problem with an internal wireless card. Plug it in, let Windows install the driver and see if you can connect (after entering your security code when prompted). If that won't connect either then in all probability the problem is not with the card in the laptop and you should look elsewhere.

  xuroys 15:54 03 Nov 2011

I have exactly the same problem with my HP tower computer running Vista. Within an hour of switching on it loses the internet connection. It still has local connection via the wireless router but just will not connect me to the outside world. I discovered that if I turned the computer off and restarted it would then stay on all day thereafter !! My ISP (Virgin) helpdesk said I should have their combined cable modem and wireless router but my 3 laptops will all connect to the world beyond through the existing Virgin modem and my Belkin N1 wireless router without giving me this problem. Is it anything to do with "daylight saving" (I know !!) or "green" settings for the program which I just haven't found ?

  onthelimit1 11:00 04 Nov 2011

I had this problem recently with Vista. I found two possible solutions on line. The first was if Norton had been used and then uninstalled, elements of Norton remain and need to be cleared using the Norton removal tool. The second, which worked for me, involved opening a command prompt (type cmd in the search box. Right click the CMD that appears at the top and click 'run as administrator'). In the black cmd box, type

netsh int ip reset

then enter. Type exit then enter. Reboot machine and it should be OK.

  xuroys 10:26 08 Nov 2011

I tried the second solution but it hasn't worked. As I'm still using Norton I'll have to tread carefully !!

  daveeb 19:11 28 Nov 2011

Try disabling the wireless card then re-enabling it again. Does the trick for me quite often.

  difarn 13:52 01 Dec 2011

More things to try if you haven't yet done so.

Have you checked that you have enabled Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) - to do this go to Control Panel -> network connections -> right click the lan connection and click properties - IP address should be put here (192.168.1.xx - whatever your router is) - check with your other connected pc's if unsure.

You should make sure that you have checked "Obtain an IP address automatically"

Also - click properties of the network select the properties of 'Internet Protocol Version 4'(IPv4) and uncheck IPv6

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